About Us

JLK Rosenberger is a full service accounting, tax, and business advisory firm with offices in Los Angeles, Dallas  and Orange County. We are the 4th largest insurance practice in California and the 18th largest in the country as recognized by AM Best. Our clients attest they have chosen JLK Rosenberger for the following reasons: specialized industry knowledge, more attentive service, immediate access to decision makers, a better understanding of their organization and mission, and lower staff turnover.

Industry Focus

Our firm has specialization in serving companies in a number of key industries including insurance, nonprofits, construction, manufacturing, SEC registered companies and professional athletes. Learn more about JLK Rosenberger and discover why so many across California and Texas have entrusted us with their audit, tax, consulting and business advisory needs.

News & Updates

  • Thinking Ahead About Cost Segregation & Depreciation Recapture
    Cost segregation studies have become a popular way for commercial property owners to realize immediate tax savings. Whether its new construction, improvements or the owner has recently acquired the property, a cost segregation study has its benefits
  • Fraud in the Construction Industry
    When running a construction business the last thing a manager or business owners expects to learn about is fraud occurring in their company. It’s upsetting that a trusted employee(s) would behave in such a way, but unfortunately, it happens all too often.


  • Press 1 for SAP, 2 for GAAP – Financial Statement Reporting
    Learning a new language can be an intense process. There’s often confusion on which words to use, how to pronounce them and in what situations it’s appropriate to use which words. Just try going to a restaurant with a foreign language menu and it’s clear how challenging the experience can be...
  • Learning the Language of SAP
    Learning a foreign language can be difficult. There are new expressions to learn, grammatical rules to follow, sentence structure guidelines and even diverse pronunciation styles. It takes significant time, practice and sometimes exposure to native speakers to master another language. This system focuses on measuring the financial performance of a company over a period of time (month, quarter or year) and is characterized by concepts such as matching expenses to revenue.