About Us

JLK Rosenberger is a full service accounting, tax, and business advisory firm with offices in Los Angeles, Dallas  and Orange County. We are the 4th largest insurance practice in California and the 18th largest in the country as recognized by AM Best. Our clients attest they have chosen JLK Rosenberger for the following reasons: specialized industry knowledge, more attentive service, immediate access to decision makers, a better understanding of their organization and mission, and lower staff turnover.

Industry Focus

Our firm has specialization in serving companies in a number of key industries including insurance, nonprofits, construction, manufacturing, SEC registered companies and professional athletes. Learn more about JLK Rosenberger and discover why so many across California and Texas have entrusted us with their audit, tax, consulting and business advisory needs.

News & Updates

  • Employee Benefit Plans – Frequently Asked Questions
    There are often many questions plan administrators have as their plan grows and expands. Compliance requirements mandated by the plan itself and outside agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) can make the situation seem more difficult.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court Has Spoken: Physical Presence No Longer a Requirement to Assess Sales Tax
    On June 21st, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the long-standing Quill v. North Dakota ruling when it stated that physical presence is no longer a requirement for states to assess sales taxes. In this landmark court case, South Dakota v. Wayfair, the State argued that the physical presence requirement was creating “unfair and unjust” market conditions favoring out-of-state sellers and resulting in significant revenue losses to the States.


  • Top Enterprise Risk Management Misconceptions
    When it comes to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), many believe the effort needed to gain buy-in, implement and manage, outweigh the potential benefits. While it can be challenging, the benefits to the organization are substantial and continue to grow as the program is refined and optimized. Perception is often reality, and there are several misconceptions about ERM that tend to dissuade insurance companies from considering this increasingly important management strategy.
  • Evaluating Your Insurance Company Auditor
    An audit is often viewed as a compliance exercise that doesn’t offer much value to management other than satisfying a reporting requirement. A proper audit process is often described as one that was completed on time and with few surprises. A bad audit process breeds the mentality that the audit is to be tolerated, endured and celebrated when finally finished.