PKF North America

JLK Rosenberger is a member firm of PKF North America (PKF NA), an association of independently owned accounting and consulting firms who share resources such as education, client service, communities of practice, marketing resources, and various ranges of expertise. Through their affiliation with PKF International, our PKF NA membership provides us access to qualified accounting and consulting professionals in nearly 250 member firms across the globe. This powerful resource directly benefits our clients as it makes available the combined knowledge and experience of professionals—as well as resources for staff development, marketing, and technical support—across the nation and around the world while allowing us to maintain our autonomy and local identity.

We leverage our PKF relationships (and develop new ones) to answer industry-, state- or country-specific questions, or to draw upon additional expertise for our clients within narrow industry niches or with extensive national (or international) operations.

PKF firms share training and marketing resources, best practices and, most importantly, knowledge to meet the needs of our clients anywhere in the U.S. and across the globe. While PKF member firms are owned and managed independently, there is substantial collaboration among the members regarding our experiences in various industries. This allows the member firms to better serve our clients in a wide range of industries.

About PKF North America

PKF North America (PKF NA) is an association of independently owned accounting and consulting firms who share resources such as education, client service, best practices, marketing and various ranges of expertise.

PKF NA provides it members with specialized technical resources and thought leadership as well as invaluable networking and professional development opportunities, empowering them to better serve growth-minded businesses across all industries or sectors.

With locations throughout U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands, PKF North America currently has 101 member firms which count approximately $1.375 billion in collective revenues. PKF professionals share a client-focused approach and strive to be trusted advisors locally and globally.

About PKF International

PKF North America extends its reach through our affiliation with PKF International Limited, the tenth largest global accountancy network in 2011. For members with international clients, PKFI has access to a wide range of global business services with 245 member firms employing more than 2,200 partners and around 21,400 staff in 440 locations and approximately 125 countries.

PKFI helps members expand global business activities and implement best practices for operations in foreign countries.

PKF International and its member firms are committed to the values of integrity, professionalism and independence—as well as the desire to share their skills and knowledge across borders to provide their clients with a world-class range of services at world-class standards.

The mission of PKF International is to provide clients with a quality service that focuses on the specific needs of each client—addressing business problems with creative solutions grounded in practical experience and high levels of expertise.