3 Traits of Employees who Commit Fraud

How ideal would it be if employees prone to fraud had the letter “F” tattooed on their forehead? You could keep a close eye on them and prevent them from ever gaining access to the accounting books. Unfortunately, potential thieves are never that obvious.

Watch Out for W-2 Phishing Scams

W-2 phishing scams are increasing and the number of businesses that have been victimized is escalating. These frauds are a variation on traditional phishing scams, where criminals trick email users into providing confidential information and then use that information to steal money or the victim’s identity.

Setting Up Your Company’s Fraud Hotline

Study after study proves the effectiveness of a fraud hotline at uncovering and even preventing occupational fraud. Those closest to the employee committing fraud are much more likely to notice the red flags than upper management who have little interaction with them. Yet, those are the very people who may hesitate to turn in a colleague for fear that they may be wrong or for fear of retribution. That’s where confidential fraud hotlines are so useful. Learn how to set one up for your company with the tips below.

Tools for Uncovering Financial Statement Fraud

Financial statement schemes that artificially improve the appearance of company financials can be one of the costliest forms of fraud for victimized companies. Despite the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley, intentionally misrepresenting an organization’s financial condition by omitting or misstating amounts or … Continued