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New Mexico ERISA Audits

401(k) plans have become one of the most popular retirement plan options offered by Santa Fe and New Mexico companies. To attract new talent and retain existing employees, offering these plans as part of a comprehensive benefits package is important. Many face challenges when the plan grows and meets the minimum requirement under a Department of Labor (DOL) ERISA Audit. Others who have been through a plan audit may have issues with their provider meeting deadlines, poor communication, or staff issues. To avoid these challenges, working with a provider with experience auditing 401(k) and other plans is important. This allows them to deliver value beyond the traditional audit through insights and best practices.

ERISA Audit Experience

JLK Rosenberger provides plan audits to over 50 benefit plans, including 401(k), defined benefit plans, ESOPs including ERISA section 103(a)(3)(c), and full scope audits. We work with plans that are single or multiple employers and have experience serving plans with an 11K filing requirement. The firm audits benefit plans with asset sizes ranging from $5M to $65M and a total participant count between 125 and 2000. This diverse experience allows our team to deliver an audit beyond the essential checklist.

Santa Fe ERISA Audit Services

Our 401(k) plan audit services include;

  • Comprehensive audit services, including testing participant account balances to verify
    their accuracy and completeness.
  • Form 5500 preparation and review.
  • ERISA and DOL reporting requirements.
  • Plan design options information and recommendations.
Santa Fe, NM

About Santa Fe (NM)

In Santa Fe, the business community pulsates with the rhythm of creativity and enterprise, woven deeply into the city’s fabric. The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, a beacon for local businesses, annually orchestrates the Santa Fe Business Expo. This event, a tradition nearly two decades strong, symbolizes the city’s commitment to economic development and employment opportunities. Scheduled for April 18, 2024, the Expo showcases the community’s evolving needs, transitioning from physical to virtual formats when necessary and focusing on fostering connections within the local business landscape. The upcoming event promises an infusion of energy at the Santa Fe Convention Center, with a new family corridor for working parents and a business-to-business after-hours event, underscoring the Chamber’s innovative approach to community engagement and support.

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