Everyone Plays Their Part

We are hands-on and shoulder-to-shoulder

Firm Culture

The culture at our firm can be summed up in a single word…team! We embrace the team concept from the time our new recruits slip on their fresh new jersey until the day their number is retired. What makes JLK Rosenberger different is the coaching staff. Our leaders are dedicated to providing growth opportunities for those interested in learning the business and “putting up impressive numbers.” From the early days of your career until the final whistle, we find opportunities to help you become more effective, efficient and engaged with your craft. If you are inclined, you can become a specialist player working in one of our nationally-recognized industry niches or focus on developing your general tax and audit acumen. Whatever your career goals, the JLK Rosenberger team culture provides a supportive and encouraging environment to get you there.

Join the Team

Learn more about the Audit 500, our 3-day audit training for college students featured in the Journal of Accountancy.

Audit 500

Part of being a team also means bonding and learning about other players and how to best support them. To ensure each player gets this important chance, we offer the following:

  • Annual “ditch the office” day (past events: Dodgers & Angels day game, footgolf, USS Iowa Battleship lunch & tour)
  • Spontaneous activities organized by the firm’s Fun Committee
  • Firm fantasy football league, college football bowl pool, March madness pool, super bowl squares pool
  • Annual $300 donation to your favorite charity

If you’re looking to play for a team with deep values and a tradition of success, then JLK Rosenberger is for you.

Orange County CPA Firm

“The deciding factor in choosing to work for JLK Rosenberger was the ping pong table. It was not just the ping pong table that attracted me here, but also the drawings on the wall in the small kitchen, the decorations on the office wall, and the superhero figures on everyone’s desk for the busy season theme. All of the above factors led me to know that the people who work here are artistically creative, energetically active, and passionately optimistic.”

April Yang, Manager