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Career training is not static at JLK Rosenberger. Neither is it always uniform, but rather it is dynamic and evolves with our professionals, their goals, and the industries they serve. We provide formalized technical, career growth, and soft skills training. And on the job training is a part of the daily routine. We like to think that training is part of a common purpose of constantly striving for improvement.

Afternoon coffee breaks, when partners and managers engaged in technical topics informally, were found to be some of our best training. The discussions were so popular that we formalized the informal and call it “Coffee Chat” with technical and soft skills topics throughout the year.

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The skills of our people, even our most junior staff, are a big part of the value of our services. Take a look at one of our training programs featured in The Journal of Accountancy.

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“Throughout my internship, I’ve gained valuable experience by building strong analytical and technical skills. The firm has resources to help us learn and continue to grow throughout our professional careers. One of the fun ways we stay on top of all updates is doing coffee chats where we informally present to our peers over a cup of coffee.”

Alesia Labyntsava, Associate