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Our firm’s women initiative program was started by one of our own CPAs. We want women to be Loud Extraordinary Awesome and Daring leaders. WomenLead helps our firm cultivate, advance and retain women leaders. We believe there is a need to empower, encourage, and support the women in our firm in order to retain them. The program not only allows the women within our firm to collaborate in various projects, but it also allows them to network with other women outside of our firm and participates in charitable events to help homeless or abused women enter the workforce.

Our internal events provide women training on various subjects, such as differences in gender communication, negotiation skills, etc. We also host events allowing the women in our firm to network with leaders in our communities, clients, and even prospective clients.

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The goals of WomenLead

  • To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, navigation, and information
  • To empower and support women
  • To help and guide women with career advancement
  • To create women leaders
  • To help women achieve a work-life Balance
  • To explore, build and maintain relationships with each other as well as networking with corporate professionals
Ani Zadorian CPA- Los Angeles CPA

“Women often feel they need to know it all to feel accomplished. I felt that the women of JLK Rosenberger needed someone to nudge and push them, to encourage them and help them feel empowered. And for them to realize that they are leaders. To bring awareness to my observation, WomenLead emerged. It wasn’t because we needed a club; I wanted the women to know there was a group of women to turn to. And it’s not just women supporting women. It’s men and women supporting each other.”

Ani Zadorian, Partner