Another One Bites The Dust- Kentucky Health Cooperative

The Franklin Circuit Court has issued an Order authorizing the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Insurance (“KDOI”) to liquidate Kentucky Health Cooperative, Inc. (“KYHC” or “co-op”).  KYHC was placed into rehabilitation on October 29, 2015 with oversight of the day-to-day operations by the KDOI. After months of work it became apparent that further attempts to rehabilitate the co-op would increase the risk of loss to creditors and policyholders. 

Co-ops Failure by State - Insurance CPA

Unfortunately, come January 2016, liquidation seemed to be the next logical move for the co-op. The co-op blames the Affordable Care Act’s inadequate risk-corridor funding for the closure. KYHC anticipated to receive $77 million from the risk-corridor program but received $9.7 million instead. The co-op had about 51,000 members in all 120 Kentucky counties, who were advised by Governor Steve Beshear to seek coverage on during the November 2016 open enrollment.