Overhead Cost Accounting

Reading time: 2 minutes Making informed pricing decisions and understanding the financial health of a business includes proper overhead allocations. Estimation of overhead rates is essential to allocating the indirect costs of overhead to product cost, and to making adjustments … Continued

Tax Reform Increases Costs Segregation Benefits

Cost segregation studies could be useful to businesses who have acquired, constructed, or substantially improved a building. A cost segregation study can allow a company to accelerate depreciation deductions, which in turn reduces taxes and boosts cash flow. Under new policies in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), the potential benefits have increased due to certain depreciation-related tax breaks.

Are You Ready for Lease Accounting Changes?

To produce a product or deliver a service, business owners and managers will usually need office space, vehicles, heavy machinery and/or other equipment as their businesses grow. Choosing to lease a location or an asset rather than purchase it outright is often the smarter choice – the risks are lower, it offers an opportunity first to test the location or equipment, and sometimes, there are even valuable incentives offered by the lessor.

The New Lease Standard: Get Ready for Changes

Starting in 2019, public companies face a new accounting rule for reporting leases. Despite the one-year reprieve offered to private companies, all businesses would be wise to begin the process of implementing the rule now. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has recently provided revisions to help ease implementation. Read on for a rundown of the changes.

3 Traits of Employees Who Commit Fraud

How ideal would it be if employees prone to fraud had the letter “F” tattooed on their forehead? You could keep a close eye on them and prevent them from ever gaining access to the accounting books. Unfortunately, potential thieves are never that obvious.

Watch Out for W-2 Phishing Scams

W-2 phishing scams are increasing and the number of businesses that have been victimized is escalating. These frauds are a variation on traditional phishing scams, where criminals trick email users into providing confidential information and then use that information to steal money or the victim’s identity.