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Whether we chatted at Meet the Firms or you heard about us through CSUN’s accounting department, we’re so glad you’re here. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about JLK Rosenberger, our culture, and the opportunities available to you.

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JLK Rosenberger doesn’t believe in doing things the way everyone else does. What we do believe in is doing all that we can to “blow away career limits.” Here are just a few ways we accomplish this:

  • Audit and tax positions are NOT limited to a single section; as an associate, you’ll experience the complete audit process from planning to wrap-up. As a tax associate, you will have the opportunity to work through entire tax returns.
  • You won’t be limited to US GAAP; you’ll also learn statutory accounting.
  • If you’re looking for job security, our insurance practice has proven to be recession and pandemic resilient.
  • JLK Rosenberger is a growing firm. There are many opportunities for upward mobility, which means you won’t be stuck at one level.
  • We have offices in Los Angeles (Glendale), Irvine and Dallas. We are open to movement between offices/locations.
  • Your training is not limited to supervisors and managers. You’ll learn side-by-side with engaged partners as well.
  • You won’t simply be providing client services. We believe in helping our staff build interpersonal skills from the beginning. We’ll teach you how to market yourself so when you progress to manager, you’re already comfortable with building relationships and business development activities.
  • Enjoy schedule flexibility in a hybrid work environment.
  • You aren’t limited to a set amount of PTO. JLK Rosenberger offers UNLIMITED (approved) PTO. You can take time to study for your CPA exams (encouraged) AND take time off to vacation or relax. We believe in balance and aim to prevent our team from experiencing burnout.
  • We save for you. JLK Rosenberger contributes 3% of your gross wages in your 401(k) account.
  • We offer an attractive medical, dental, vision and life insurance package.


The Audit 500 is a free, three-day program offering college students experience they won’t find in the classroom — the opportunity to participate in a complete audit, from planning to wrap-up to financial reporting.

What will you learn at the Audit 500?
  • Through a mock audit, students learn how to conduct audit planning, establish materiality levels, and risk assessment.
  • JLKR firm members guide participants as they audit cash, fixed assets, and liabilities.
  • Audit execution consists of learning to compile questions, approach the “client” (role played by JLKR staff), and collect appropriate audit evidence to complete the sections
    under audit.
  • The audit is wrapped up by assessing audit results, communicating them to the client, and ultimately assisting in the preparation of the financial statements.
How will you benefit from the Audit 500?
  • You’ll receive guided, hands-on training, taking you on the full journey of an audit, from planning to wrap-up, and finishing with financial reporting.
  • The training can help solidify your career track between tax and audit. (No matter your accounting career path, those who choose tax will have an advantage for also knowing how to audit.)
  • Meeting and working alongside firm partners and staff can build connections that often lead to internships and employment opportunities.
  • You’ll get a feel for the thriving firm culture at JLK Rosenberger.

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