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Apply to participate in our Audit 500 Program: August 23-25, 2023

JLK Rosenberger offers a one-of-a-kind immersive for accounting and finance students to gain valuable insight into the accounting profession. You are invited to apply to the Audit 500 program and fast-track your career path today.

What is the Audit 500?

The Audit 500 is a free, three-day summer program offering college students experience they won’t find in the classroom — the opportunity to participate in a complete audit, from planning to wrap-up to financial reporting.

What will you learn at the Audit 500?
  • Through a mock audit, students learn how to conduct audit planning, establish materiality levels, and risk assessment.
  • JLKR firm members guide participants as they audit cash, fixed assets, and liabilities.
  • Audit execution consists of learning to compile questions, approach the “client” (role played by JLKR staff), and collect appropriate audit evidence to complete the sections
    under audit.
  • The audit is wrapped up by assessing audit results, communicating them to the client, and ultimately assisting in the preparation of the financial statements.
How will you benefit from the Audit 500?
  • You’ll receive guided, hands-on training, taking you on the full journey of an audit, from planning to wrap-up, and finishing with financial reporting.
  • The training can help solidify your career track between tax and audit. (No matter your accounting career path, those who choose tax will have an advantage for also knowing how to audit.)
  • Meeting and working alongside firm partners and staff can build connections that often lead to internships and employment opportunities.
  • You’ll get a feel for the thriving firm culture at JLK Rosenberger.

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