Firm Purchases 50 goats (and counting) for Needy Families

JLK Rosenberger has purchased 50 goats through Heifer International in a fun, competitive office charity contest entitled “Who is the GOAT (greatest of all time) of Giving?”

Employees have been divided into teams and are working to gather funds to see who will raise the most. Each team had a goal of purchasing one goat, valued at $120, but in the spirit of competition, teams are battling it out to see who can purchase the most goats. So far, the leading team has purchased 12 goats, far exceeding their goal, and other teams aren’t far behind. By the end of the contest, we will see who will be awarded the Giving GOAT at JLK Rosenberger.

Tim Johnson, a partner at JLK Rosenberger, believes “the concept is simple; we have been blessed with so much and giving a little goes a long way. Heifer International provides small-scale farmers in disadvantaged communities’ assistance with the goal of lifting people out of hunger and poverty by providing sustainable animals for food, clothing, and work purposes. I am happy that our firm is participating in this fundraiser because it aligns with our mission. The contest makes it fun, but just giving is where the real prize is won.”

The contest began November 30 and will run till December 21, just in time for the holiday. To make our goat donations go even further, our contributions will be matched by a generous, anonymous donor working with Heifer International.