Public Entity Risk Pools

There are a number of challenges associated with managing a public entity risk pool. Many governmental entities including school districts, county governments, municipal agencies and others leverage this model to manage insurance risks. This approach protects members from fluctuating insurance rates and often times provide increased savings. Although not considered actual insurance providers, these pools provide similar services to members. Many public entity risk pools believe they need to work with large international and national firms to manage their compliance needs. However, this assumption is costly because it ties these entities into high fee arrangements often with a lower quality of service.

JLK Rosenberger has years of experience providing, tax, audit and consulting services to public entity risk pools. Our team of insurance professionals has deep experience identifying, managing and resolving financial reporting and other compliance needs of risk pools. Our focus extends beyond traditional services to ensure your risk pool is operating at peak effectiveness.

Public Entity Risk Pool Services

  • Financial Statement Audits under GAAS (or GAGAS if required) for
    • NAIC Statutory
    • State Audit Requirements
  • Internal Audit Assistance
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Policies & Procedure Reviews for
    • Underwriting
    • Claims
    • Investments
    • Reinsurance

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Interested in learning more about our public entity risk pool services? Discover why so many risk pools choose to work with a local provider over national counterparts. If you’re seeking national firm experience with local firm service, then JLK Rosenberger is here to help. For additional information on our public entity risk pool services, click here to contact us, or feel free to reach out to the highlighted professionals above. We look forward to hearing from you!


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