My First Day at JLKR

My first day at JLK Rosenberger began with a tour of the office.  First, I was guided to my workstation, which had a thoughtful welcome basket and a variety of firm swag including a t-shirt, reusable mug, and laptop carrying case.  I was then shown where the office supplies, printers, and other important items I would need are located.  Next, my manager took me around the office and introduced me to all of my new coworkers.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  My new team was kind enough to take me to lunch, so we could get to know each other and start to build rapport with one another.  Throughout the day, I had various training sessions with my supervisor and a couple of coworkers to learn the software that I would be using and to help set up my firm accounts for numerous programs.

My first impressions of the firm were all positive.  Everyone was helpful and approachable.  They encouraged me to ask questions and were glad to answer any questions I had.  I got a sense of my coworkers being a close-knit team, goal oriented, and happy to have a new team member.

Some advice I would offer anyone who is beginning a career in public accounting is to always carry a note pad with you.  You will need to take notes when work is assigned to you or even when you are being trained to use various programs.  Any new job has a learning curve even if you have worked in that industry before.  There are always different programs firms use or methods and procedures to adopt so that the work is completed consistently.  Note taking is simple, but the importance can be underestimated.  You will be learning a lot at once, and it is impossible to retain everything.  Having good notes to refer back to rather than asking a coworker how to do something again is invaluable.  Note taking will not only help you, but your team will appreciate your willingness to learn and remember what they are taking the time to train you.