Cybersecurity/IT Risk Advisory Services

As reliance on technology grows to manage data, automate processes, scale operations, and reduce costs, so does the potential for risk and disruption. This demands an approach that not only focuses on system security but also prioritizes essential IT investments. Striking a balance between risk management and technology investments can be complicated, especially in today’s environment. It typically requires the guidance and direction of an outside advisor that can assess the situation and deliver tacit insights and practical recommendations to reach the desired outcome.

Our Experience

When it comes to protecting your organization’s digital infrastructure and assets, it’s important to work with a provider that can deliver needed solutions. Our team of consultants have years of experience providing cybersecurity and IT risk advisory solutions. In addition, they hold industry-standard certifications, attend ongoing training, and frequently publicly present. This results in a combination of technical knowledge built upon practical experience that solves the most complex challenges.

Cybersecurity/IT Risk Advisory Services

  • Digital Transformation – Organizations undergoing digital transformation (evolution from traditional business practices into digital practices) can benefit from planning, prioritization, and optimization of the initiates. We identify areas of contributions as improvements to the customer experience through technology, utilization of monetization platforms, forecast and projection, and top-tier customer bonding and service platforms.
  • Cybersecurity Assessment – Many companies understand the importance of cybersecurity as part of risk management but are often unsure where to start. A cybersecurity assessment analyzes and evaluates the security posture of a company’s IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. This is an essential step needed to identify vulnerabilities, potential threats, and weaknesses. Through an assessment management can clearly understand risks and take the necessary steps to remediate them.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting – Protecting an organization’s systems and data is imperative to maintaining operations. Through a combination of cybersecurity planning, technology investments, and testing procedures, increased levels of protection can be achieved. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity planning and assist with testing, including internal and external vulnerability assessments and social engineering assessments.
  • IT Strategy – Developing an IT strategy is an essential step that should clearly align business goals to IT investment and other decisions. A robust strategy will make it easier for management to make important decisions about short and long-term IT projects and provide useful insights when considering build vs. buy, outsource vs. in-house, cost, and schedule. At the same time, it will help to prevent costly mistakes from being made.
  • System and Organization Control (SOC) Reports – These provide an organization’s customers, vendors, and other stakeholders with assurance about the condition of financial controls or compliance with certain IT frameworks. Most organizations need either a SOC 1 or SOC 2 report, but there are other types available including SOC 3 and SOC for cybersecurity.
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