Forensic Accounting

Fraud and other illegal behaviors are never welcome at any business. Let’s face it, this is the last thing any company wants to deal with. However, from time to time executives and management are faced with a situation where the suspicion of fraud, embezzlement or other illegal and deceptive behavior is suspected. When the situation arises, it’s important to turn to a provider with experience in forensic investigations and collecting key information in a systematic manner. This allows you to proceed with evidence-based facts and determine the amount of damages suffered.

The team at JLK Rosenberger has experience with financial reporting fraud, insolvency and bankruptcy fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement and breach of fiduciary duties. Through this comprehensive experience our professionals understand how to analyze complex records and identify inappropriate behavior. Evidence collected during our investigations can be used in legal matters including civil and criminal litigation and proceedings. Our team has the training and experience to uncover the most well- hidden fraudulent behavior.

Our Forensic Accounting Services:

  • Fraud Audits
  • Investigations of Suspected Embezzlement & Money Laundering
  • Inventory & Accounts Receivable Fraud
  • Reconstruction of Accounting Records
  • Economic Damage Calculations
  • Litigation Support
Fraud Prevention

In addition to performing forensic services, we also help clients develop fraud risk management programs. These programs are developed to help mitigate the risk of fraud and increase internal controls.  Having a formal fraud risk management program teaches employees how to identify inconsistencies and misconduct in day-to-day operations and establishes formalized preventative actions and protocols for the organization. 

Take the Next Step

Now is the time to determine if fraud is occurring at your company and to what extent it is happening. For additional information on our firm and our forensic accounting services, click here to contact us or feel free to reach out to the highlighted professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!