Fraud Audits

Fraud can happen in any department and at any level within an organization. While it’s natural to believe in the honesty of your employees, management, vendors and other professionals in your circle, deception can easily take shape in multiple situations without detection, such as financial statement manipulation, embezzling, bribes, inventory or equipment stealing, extortion, fictitious transactions, purchasing fraud, kickbacks and even conflict of interest circumstances. This is especially true when the company lacks proper controls.

At JLK Rosenberger, it’s our job to help you prevent fraud from happening, or when you suspect fraud is already occurring, work to catch the perpetrator before they can take too much of the company’s hard-earned resources.

Our Fraud Audit Services:
  • Risk assessment to identify potential areas of vulnerability
  • Meticulous review of financial documents to determine if the numbers, financial statements and reports mesh
  • Review of policies, procedures and controls, especially related to revenue recognition, journal entries and adjustments
  • Transaction tracking, including review of purchase orders and supplier and customer receipts
  • Employee, vendor and customer or client interviews
  • Examination of areas where management or staff has the ability to override internal controls

If fraud is discovered, we can then begin the investigation phase to uncover how the fraud was being executed and assess the damage to help build your case for litigation or law enforcement.

Take the Next Step

Most criminals who are perpetrating a fraud will believe that he or she is too good or careful to be caught, but our fraud audits are designed to uncover the patterns in activity. In addition, a fraud audit can highlight areas in need of better controls so fraud is much less likely to occur in the first place. For additional information about our firm and our fraud audit services, click here to contact usor feel free to reach out to one of the highlighted professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!