Litigation Support

Litigation Support – Delayed Claims

Whether you’re dealing with a business dispute, fraud case or personal trial, having accurate, defendable evidence from an independent source is at the heart of the matter. JLK Rosenberger’s team of advisors help attorneys, businesses and individuals make a strong case by offering professional valuation analysis and calculations, assessment of tax matters, fraud examination, financial investigation and expert testimony. We utilize the right mix of appropriate accounting procedures and audit techniques along with a solid knowledge of business practices, industry and economic trends and state and local tax codes to help our clients avoid lengthy trials and lessen litigation expenses.

We can assist in all litigation situations that involve financial support including:
  • Financial reporting and tax fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crime
  • Shareholder disputes, breach of contract and partnership dissolutions
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Business interruption
  • Professional malpractice
  • Divorce and family disputes
  • And more
Our Litigation Support Services:
  • Forensic accounting and investigation, including asset and cash tracing and financial record reconstruction
  • Defining the scope of economic damages, including quantifying past and future losses and future costs
  • Reviewing and analyzing financial statements, tax documents and business records
  • Providing expert testimony in discovery and at trial
  • Evaluating other expert witness testimony
  • Developing questions and conducting witness interviews
  • Participating in mediation and settlement negotiations
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Gaining expert financial assistance with asset valuation, gathering financial and tax evidence and damage analysis to support your position can be the key to winning your case or having the necessary advantage in negotiations, whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant. For additional information about our firm and our litigation support services, click here to contact us or feel free to reach out to one of the highlighted professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!