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Register for training: ESG for Insurers: Like It or Not, Here It Comes

Image of webinar for insurers about ESG reporting

Whether you are skeptical of ESG or fully on board, the demand from shareholders, governments, regulators, and rating agencies for ESG reporting is quite a change for most insurers. While larger insurers have the ability to dedicate significant resources to formulate their strategy around climate change, smaller insurers are less able to stand up large programs in the same manner.

The EU has led in climate change reporting, so we have performed a review of ESG reporting across the insurance sector in the UK and US to date and looked at what smaller insurers may be able to learn from larger insurers who already have their public disclosures up and running or smaller insurers who have already made good progress. Our presenters are from both sides of “the pond” and will present examples from European and U.S.-based insurers.

We will also review the latest U.S. standards and legislation, including those from the NAIC and the pending final rule from the SEC, that are most likely to affect smaller insurers in the U.S.