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Industry Asked; NAIC Listened: PDF Version of AP&P Manual Now Available

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Hot Take:

Hot Take

For those who do not enjoy flipping through the pages or waiting on an internet browser to respond, you’ll love the recent news from the NAIC. They have announced that the Accounting Practices and Procedures (AP&P) Manual is now available as a searchable and printable PDF document. However, this appears to be a temporary solution, as it will only apply to the 2023 manual and will still require an individual subscription through NAIC’s Account Manager platform. The NAIC recognizes inefficiencies in the current model and is actively working to find a permanent solution that will simplify the accessibility of the materials.

The JLKR team is so excited about this update that we’re waxing poetic. Enjoy the poem below, as well as links to access the manual in today’s post.

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It was a long winter night,

with an answer nowhere in sight.

Tens of emails in a queue,

because there is a filing due.


Waiting for a page to load,

while falling into sleeping mode.

When shivers run down your spine:

“There is an answer in SSAP number 9!”


Updating the statement fast,

when you notice midnight passed.

Somehow angry with that book,

You leave your desk with a desperate look.

Walking a mile in clients’ shoes,

JLKR brings some exciting news.


The NAIC is not deaf,

they heard we need a PDF!

Announced during last month’s meet,

they’ve prepared a real treat.


Searchable and with loud roar,

2023 AP&P Manual is coming to your door.


Yesterday’s announcement direct from the NAIC:

The NAIC is proud to announce that a copyrighted PDF of the 2023 Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual is available, at no additional charge, to customers who purchase an online subscription to the Manual through NAIC Account Manager. Instructions on how to access this PDF in Account Manager are posted on the SAPWG web page on the “Documents” tab.

*This offer is specific to the 2023 AP&P Manual only; options for 2024 will be considered prior to the publication’s release.