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Hot Take

Protecting our families with the uncertain future of COVID-19 has everyone asking, “what is safe?” Gordon Thompson, a friend of JLK Rosenberger and risk management specialist with Amerisk Consulting, shares how to get the entire family involved when making decisions about what risks your family takes during COVID, including how to safely say yes more often.

The article also includes a free workbook download to guide your family through an example plan to create your QuaranTeam, whether your team is a family group, individuals, or group of people sharing space.

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A few nights ago, my typically energetic and talkative 10-year-old son was uncharacteristically quiet during dinner. I watched for a few minutes as he pushed the food around his plate, not really eating, looking deep in thought. I asked what he was thinking about, expecting a response about Minecraft or Roblox.

He let out a deep sigh and asked, “Can I have a birthday party?”

His birthday is in three weeks.

In a typical year, the answer would be an easy yes. But this is 2020. Nothing is typical and nothing is easy…

Gordon Thompson is an actuary with Amerisk Consulting and is a friend of our firm. While he works from home during the pandemic, his family is undergoing a crash-course in data-driven decision making as a result of the collision of his professional knowledge and family responsibilities. To learn more about his actuarial approach to his son’s birthday request, read his full post by clicking here.

He has also provided a free workbook to guide your family in developing your own risk management plan. You can download the workbook by clicking here.