Stepping Up to a Specialty Insurance Firm

Since 2002, more than 30 insurance entities have transitioned from the large national firms to JLK Rosenberger because we provide a superior service experience. Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company’s CEO and CFO, in their own words, contrast the didifferences in their service experience with JLK Rosenberger and their former Big 4 firm.


Hands On Partner Time

“We receive a more hands-on relationship with JLK Rosenberger compared to our prior Big 4 rm. In other words, the managing or supervising partner didn’t spend much time at all with us.”


No Rookies Running the Show

“JLK Rosenberger’s sta is experienced with insurance companies and easy to work with. When we were with a Big 4 firm, if we were lucky, someone who had familiarity with our company would show up, but their usual method was sending in the “freshman” kids, who had never been here before, to run the show. Nothing against
the youngsters coming in, but you should not have everyone new to the account each year.”


Timely Reports

“The audit performed by JLK Rosenberger is limited to 2-3 weeks and it goes smoothly. The reports are fast and on time.”


Consistent Staff

“The people of JLK Rosenberger have a higher skill level, especially those on site each year. Our prior Big 4 auditor kept changing their staff and managers. They
were dicult to work and talk with. They came up with the same questions over and over when they came to audit.”


“The Big 4 rm tried to create the mystique of superiority which we feel is not accurate or correct. We prefer a specialized firm like JLK Rosenberger, serving California
insurance companies, for better personal service.”
Gary Davis, CEO


“Since engaging JLK Rosenberger, our audit tme is better spent. The staff of JLK Rosenberger is more familiar with insurance and our company so their questions are better. They aren’t guessing. I can do my job.”
Anna Chiong, CFO