The Best Advice From a JLKR Co-Worker

Over the last four years, I have sought and obtained an endless amount of great advice from my coworkers that have applied to not only my career but also life in general. The one that resonated with me the most thus far is the popular idiom: “you are only as strong as your weakest link.” This phrase underscores the importance of each individual’s success attributing to the overall success of the team. When working towards a shared goal, it is important to invest your time and effort in developing your team and helping each other to complete a job efficiently and effectively. It is also equally as important to recognize your own weaknesses and work towards strengthening those areas to better yourself as a whole.

The common challenge in most workplaces is managing expectations with your team/coworker(s), your client(s), as well as yourself. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and working with people that have different management styles present the challenge of knowing how to manage your workflow, but it also gives you the opportunity to hone in on your skills and tailor your service and approach to work best with each. It is evident that a successful team can leverage each member’s strength to carry out quality work. However, it is vital to take the time to identify your weaknesses and focus on improving those areas and skills. In doing so, you will feel empowered to perform better and achieve higher quality work. I try to keep in mind this insightful piece of advice not only in the workplace, but also when tackling all other areas of life, and it has laid a solid foundation in my continual growth as an individual.