IT Vulnerability Assessments – Las Vegas (NV)

Businesses in Las Vegas and across Nevada have become increasingly aware of the threats that cybercriminals pose. The unfortunate reality is that attacks are on the rise with a 435% increase in ransomware and a 358% increase in malware attacks last year alone. These numbers do not include the report that 57% of organizations experience daily phishing attacks. The increasing risk calls for regular review and update of cybersecurity protections. The first step in the process is to conduct a vulnerability scan.

Vulnerability Assessments – Las Vegas

A vulnerability scan provides businesses with the opportunity to monitor networks, systems, and applications for issues and vulnerabilities. These scans are an important part of an information security program and should be conducted after any changes to infrastructure, software, or operating systems. In addition, it is important to conduct broad scans regularly to ensure no new issues have arisen.

Las Vegas Vulnerability Assessments

JLK Rosenberger provides vulnerability scanning to companies in Las Vegas and across Nevada. Our team has years of experience delivering detection, assessment, and testing services to uncover issues. What makes our team different is the combination of technical expertise and practical experience that allows us to conduct the appropriate type of testing. The result is a comprehensive report that highlights issues and provides insights into remediation. Our methodology includes:

  • System Evaluation – Create a catalog for all assets, resources, and data in a system.
  • Asset Prioritization Work with management to understand and prioritize the quantifiable value and importance of each asset.
  • Uncover Threats – Attention is turned to the identification of potential security threats that can adversely impact business operations or the security of high-value information.
  • Remediation Strategy – Working with management, our team creates a remediation strategy aimed at resolving the most immediate threats first. Then attention is shifted to less serious issues that should be addressed.
  • Results – The company achieves a higher level of cybersecurity protection through the process and increases confidence in the company’s enhanced risk profile.
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