Why I Work for JLKR?

JLK Rosenberger had the top three things I looked for in firm: 1) work and family life balance, 2) time to study for the CPA exams, and 3) getting along with coworkers. I chose to work for JLK Rosenberger because I was able to see that the top three things I looked for in a firm were present during the three-day Audit 500 event.

During the Audit 500, I had the opportunity speak with the few ladies who are moms, and they made it safe to talk about family life. Ani and Maria told me about their experiences as working moms and how the firm supports them with flexible schedules.

Before accepting the offer with JLK Rosenberger, Ani told me about the PTO availability to study for the CPA and study time during the off-season in the office. After completing my first busy season, I scheduled myself to take three parts of the CPA exam and a few weeks of PTO to study. I did not experience any push-back when I submitted the PTO requests. Also, during the off-season, I had the opportunity to study a few hours while in the office.

Having the opportunity to acquaint myself with the staff for three days during the Audit 500 event helped to see how I would get along with everyone in the office. I was able to experience the firm culture through several enjoyable conversations with three staff members. As well as observing how the staff helped one another and treated each other with respect during learning sessions.

The experience I had during the Audit 500 event helped me to choose to work for JLK Rosenberger.