Robert Flowers, CPA

Tax Director

Navigating the complexities of tax accounting with the precision and adaptability of a seasoned sailor, Rob brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for guiding clients through intricate tax landscapes.

Growing up in a Navy family, Rob developed a deep love for sailing from an early age. His childhood summers spent on the Chesapeake Bay instilled in him the importance of planning, flexibility, and continuous learning—qualities that seamlessly transitioned into his professional life. His path into taxation was a natural evolution from his enthusiasm for finance and numbers, much like his progression from novice sailor to skilled navigator. These experiences have equipped him with the ability to master the ever-changing tides of tax regulations with ease and precision.

Areas of Expertise

Known for his deep knowledge and innovative approach to tax solutions, Rob is often referred to as “the tax guy” in social and professional circles. He is recognized for making clients comfortable with intricate situations, breaking down complex tax matters into clear, understandable insights, and serving as a trusted advisor. His knack for collaboration and creativity ensures he finds the right solution tailored to each client’s needs.

Membership & Professional Associations

More About Rob

Rob’s extensive background includes roles in PwC’s mergers & acquisitions and federal tax practices, Deloitte’s national federal tax services group, and various industry tax and business consulting positions.

Robert earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Santa Clara University and a Certificate of Advanced Accounting Principles from the same institution.

Futbal or Football?
“American football! Go Niners! Playing football taught me discipline and teamwork, skills that are invaluable in my professional life.”

Your superpower
“I’m a connector. I have a knack for bringing people together, making introductions, and creating valuable networks.”

“James Stockdale – His resilience and leadership during difficult times are truly inspiring. Meeting him had a profound impact on me.”

Volunteer activities
“I’ve served on the board of Mission Delores Academy, as treasurer of The Guardsmen, and currently spend time volunteering at The Olympic Club Foundation.”