Professional Athletes

At the Corner of Sports and Finance

The demands and pressure on professional athletes are enormous. The concerns, challenges, and issues facing professional athletes are unlike any other profession. Not only is there the expectation they will perform at a high level on the field, but the nature of their work means financial concerns off the field. Let’s face it, the needs of a professional athlete demand the attention and skills of experienced industry professionals. JLK Rosenberger’s experienced advisors work to create a tax planning strategy that provides the most options possible. We also work in concert with other business and financial advisors to ensure a clear path to financial stability, now and in the future.

Our Services Include:

  • Multi-State Income Tax Preparation- We provide income tax preparation for both the IRS as well as the state governments. Each athlete may have a filing requirement in their resident state, their home club state, as well as each state that they play an away game.
  • Income Tax Planning – We work with the clubs, agents, and of course, our clients, to ensure the so-called bases are covered.
  • IRS & State Income Tax Audit Support- Athletes, in general, are more susceptible to government examinations due to the expenses that they incur which a non-athlete employee may not.  We prepare our work paper files in a manner which creates a clear roadmap for the IRS if or when audited. This eliminates time, fees, and headaches for all involved.
  • Business Opportunity Evaluations
  • Estate Planning
  • Preparation/Monitoring of Monthly Budgets
  • Monthly Cash Receipts & Disbursements
  • Personal Bill Pay/Bank Reconciliations
  • Annual Insurance Coordination
  • Career Transition

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