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Review our on-demand video library offering titles on a variety of statutory accounting, audit, GAAP, SAP and other essential topics.

Statutory Disclosure Checklist

A comprehensive statutory insurance disclosure checklist and an invitation to contact us if you have any questions or need guidance with insurance accounting or upcoming audit.

Reference Rate Reform

In March 2020, the FASB issued ASU 2020-04 Reference Rate Reform (Topic 848) that deals with the Elimination of LIBOR.

InsurTech Q2 2020

InsurTech is showing recovery in funding levels after a drop-off Q1 of 2020 as investors reevaluate the market as a whole and adapt to the new remote economy.

A Conversation about COVID-19 with Gordon Thompson

Protecting our families with the uncertain future of COVID-19 has everyone asking, “what is safe?”

Insurance Insights - PPP Loan Disclosure

If you are an insurance entity that qualified for and received a PPP loan under the CARES Act, you may be wondering how to fit PPP loan receipts and eventual forgiveness disclosures into your quarterly and annual regulatory reporting statements.

Insurance Accounting Standards Update - PPP Loans

Many insurance companies are interested in learning how to account for loan proceeds secure as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

SSAP 62R Contingent Profit Commission

SSAP No. 40R Wholly Owned Single Real Estate Property

How do SSAP No. 92 and SSAP No. 102 Affect our Pension Obligations?

This episode discusses how SSAP No. 92 and No. 102 changed pension obligations.

What is a Nonadmitted Asset? SSAP No. 4 and SSAP No. 20

One of the first questions you might ask if you’re new to accounting for insurance companies: What is the difference between an admitted and non-admitted asset?

Applying GAAP in Statutory Basis Financial Statements