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Why bring your skills to JLK Rosenberger?  It’s quite simple. The right team allows its players to refine their skills, grow through experience, learn new strategies and techniques and immerse themselves in a winning culture. The result is a championship caliber culture that not only focuses on organizational accomplishments but thrives on the individual accomplishment of each player. Whether it’s jumping into a specialty area such as insurance accounting, real estate accounting or construction contract accounting, we have the opportunity, coaches and plans to help you get there.

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If you’re a “free agent” looking for a new team to further your career, let’s talk.

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For those interested in joining us on the journey, JLK Rosenberger offers an experience that’s difficult to match. Not only will you work with some of the top talents in the profession, but odds are you will develop strong relationships with your peers. In a recent Best Places to Work survey, 93% of JLK Rosenberger team members responded that they REALLY like their work peers. That’s an impressive statistic and one that speaks loudly about what it means to be a part of the JLK Rosenberger team.

Beyond all of this, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package. This allows us to not only attract top talent but also ensures we are taking care of our savvy veterans. Don’t wait for free agency or the trade deadline to pass, elevate your career to the next level,  join the JLK Rosenberger team today.

Orange County CPA

“I loved the potential of getting the knowledge and experience you’d expect with a large firm but in a small firm atmosphere. This was a big plus, but I was also looking for the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges. What really sold me on JLK Rosenberger was to hear the partners say that they were still hungry for growth. They were not ready to settle with what they had accomplished and knew the company was destined for bigger and better things.”

Jason Price, Senior Associate
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