State & Local Tax

State-Local Tax Compliance 

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace almost every company conducts business across state lines. Whether you purchase supplies and products from out of state vendors, or sell your goods and services to out of state customers, there are tax implications that need to be considered. Unfortunately, most business owners are often unaware of these tax obligations in part because they are complex, constantly changing and vary from state to state. As a result, companies may have tax obligations they are unaware exist. What makes the situation more tenuous is the stepped up enforcement by several states due to budget shortfalls. The result is companies are more often being flagged for state tax audits. JLK Rosenberger works with companies in California and across the U.S. to identify, address and manage state and local tax obligations. Whether you need assistance with proactive planning due to expansion or assistance with a state tax audit defense, our professionals are here to help. We work with companies on a number of tax matters including nexus determination of franchise and income tax, identification of sales and use issues, and transactional tax matters.

Our State & Local Tax Services Include:

  • State & Local Tax Planning
  • Sales & Use Tax Reviews
  • Assistance with Nexus Determination
  • Voluntary Disclosures & Tax Amnesties
  • Representation of Corporations in State Tax Audits

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