Internal Audit Services

Internal audits aren’t just for large or complex corporate entities. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from leveraging internal audit services to monitor the effectiveness of internal processes put in place by management. This process can help the organization not only uncover issues and inefficiencies within the enterprise, but also draw attention to emerging risks, issues and areas of improvement not previously considered.

JLK Rosenberger’s experienced audit professionals act as objective, outside advisors who investigate operations to uncover corporate noncompliance. We have significant experience working with companies of various sizes to identify organization risk areas, review processes and procedures and identify optimization and improvement opportunities.

Internal Audit Services

Our internal audit services include:

  • Risk assessments to identify and prioritize areas or processes that require attention and further audit focus.
  • Control assessments and testing to discover gaps or places where procedures and controls are not properly designed.
  • Guidance for your internal audit function to establish a plan, including priorities and defined goals.

The result of our work is a detailed internal audit report that includes observations and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of your organization’s processes and controls to add tangible value to your organization.

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A regular internal audit can bring significant value to the organization. Whether your company has had internal audits for years or is implementing one for the first time, JLK Rosenberger can help! If you would like to find out how your organization can operate at its peak performance, using best practices, contact our experts listed on the right.