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Success in real estate can be tricky. Unlike other industries, there are a number of variables that need consideration when contemplating a transaction. The type of property, when it is acquired, how it’s developed, and the utilization of each parcel are critical variables in the success formula. However, since each company is different, so is the manner in which these variables are assessed to determine success. Whether you are a developer, real estate investor, broker or agent, our team of experienced professionals can help guide your organization to success. While we do offer the traditional tax, accounting and audit services, real estate companies turn to us because of our years of seasoned real estate experience.

Let’s face it; if your accounting firm doesn’t have significant experience in real estate, there is a limited amount of value they can bring to the boardroom. As companies grow, so do their needs for more consultative advice from their accounting and financial advisors. JLK Rosenberger works with dozens of real estate companies across California including Los Angeles and Orange counties and beyond.

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