Estate Tax Planning

Estate Tax Planning – Los Angeles

Wealth transfer planning can often be a tricky and confusing proposition. As laws continue to change with old ones phasing out and new ones being introduced into practice, it can be difficult to know the best way to plan for the future. Gifting, property transfer and even estate administration are all useful tools when leveraged in the right situation. To help clients obtain their goals and objectives, it’s important to have an experienced resource guiding the process. This ensures that benefactors receive as much of the gift as possible.

The professionals at JLK Rosenberger have significant experience working with individuals and families to create and implement effective estate and other plans. From large business owners to those with a smaller estate, our firm sees to it that assets are distributed in the most tax efficient manner possible. There are several tax planning strategies which can be used to make sure the ability to transfer wealth is not limited.

Estate Tax Planning Services

  • Asset protection
  • Estate tax planning
  • Estate and asset valuation
  • Financial and tax projections
  • Special needs, real estate and specific trust planning strategies
  • Creating a blueprint for strategically transferring assets to heirs to minimize gift and estate taxes.
  • Beneficiary representation before the IRS in case of an audit
  • Wealth preservation after death of spouse

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