Manufacturing & Distribution

Opportunity advising for Manufacturers

Manufacturing and distribution can be a tough industry. There are several issues management must contend with including demand for high-quality products in a shorter production run, need for process improvement, implementation of new production technology and seemingly ever-changing regulations. Combine all of this with competitive pressures from offshore providers, and it’s easy to see why manufacturing can be challenging. For this reason, it’s essential to work with an accounting partner that understands not only how you do business but also understands best practices for operations and financial reporting.

Most CPA firms can provide traditional tax, accounting and audit services to any company. While JLK Rosenberger does offer those services, what sets us apart from others is not only our practical experience but the perspective we bring to your business. Our professionals don’t merely qualify activities to fit into IRS categories; rather we work proactively with management to identify cost-saving opportunities, tax credits and incentives, or implementing a process improvement plan. Discover the JLK Rosenberger difference for yourself.

Manufacturing Accounting Services

  • Benchmarking
  • Inventory Costing
  • Process/Profit Enhancement
  • Valuations
  • Credit/Loan Negotiation
  • Lease Negotiations

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