Tax Credits & Incentives

Federal Tax Incentives

Often times companies are unaware of the federal and state tax credits and incentives they can leverage because of the time and resources required to track and apply for each. While the number and amount of available credits change each year, it’s important to be aware of the tax saving opportunities available to your company. After all, what management team would not want to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce overall corporate taxes? The opportunities are diverse because incentives are not only available on a federal level but also for the state of California as well.

JLK Rosenberger works with companies across the state to identify, prioritize and apply for tax reducing incentives. Through our efficient process we are able to leverage technology and in house experience to quickly identify opportunities and position your organization to qualify with state and federal regulatory authorities. The result of our work is a welcome and sometime surprising reduction in corporate income tax in the current and future years.

Federal Tax Credits

There are a number of federal tax credits and incentives available to businesses. Some are based on location, business activities and employment practices

  • Credit for Employer Paid FICA on Tips
  • Credit for Small Employer Pension Plan Start-up Costs
  • Disabled Access Credits
  • Empowerment Zone Credits
  • Foreign Tax Credit
  • Indian Employment Credit
  • Low Income Housing Credit
  • New Markets Credit
  • Rehabilitation Credit
  • Research and Development Credit
  • Work Opportunity Credit

California Tax Credits

There are a number of state tax incentives and credits available to California businesses. Some are based on location, business activities and employment practices.

  • Enterprise Zone Credits
  • Targeted Tax Area Credits
  • Local Agency Area Military Base Recovery Areas (LAMBRA)
  • Manufacturing Enhancement Areas (MEA)
  • Disabled Access Credits
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • New Employment Credit
  • California Competes Credit
  • Sales Tax Exemptions

Take the Next Step

Now is the time to discover the federal and state tax incentive opportunities available for your business. For additional information on our firm and tax incentive services, click here to contact us or feel free to reach out to the highlighted professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!