Robert Gabon, CPA


Robert asks the right questions and gets his clients the right answers.

Robert looks for a better way to do everything. He seeks to improve himself, his business practices and his clients’ financial dealings. His ongoing queries serve him well – he uses the information he gathers to generate new ideas and methods to address problems and advance his clients’ businesses. When assisting clients Robert goes beyond the basics: he listens intently, provides clarity and gathers all information that will help them. From his long-standing experience in insurance taxation to his quest for finding effective, clear-cut solutions, Robert is a valuable resource for both clients and associates.

Areas of Expertise

Robert Gabon has over 26 years of public accounting experience. After beginning his career as an auditor, Robert now specializes in providing tax compliance and consulting services to clients in the insurance industry, whether they are publicly traded, privately held, or policyholder-owned. In addition, Robert serves a wide range of entities such as corporations, flow-throughs, and individuals in varied industries like technology, retail, and not-for-profit.

Membership & Professional Associations

More About Robert

As an alumnus of JLK Rosenberger, Robert re-joined the firm in 2005 having worked in the Tax Services division of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Los Angeles.  Robert worked exclusively on insurance enterprises including both property and casualty and life and health companies.

Robert earned a Master of Business Taxation from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Claim to Fame
“Buying a $25 raffle ticket and then winning a $44,000 BMW.”

Your Superpower
“Beating all 1980’s challengers of Song Quiz on Alexa.”

Favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon
“Wrenching on my Jeep.”

What do you really enjoy?
“A beautiful day on the golf course with a sub-triple-digit score.”

What can’t you stop talking about?
“My next great vacation.”