The 2024/25 Worldwide Tax Guide is Here

The most recent publication of the Worldwide Tax Guide includes over 1300 pages of up-to-date taxation and business regulations covering over 150 of the world’s most significant trading companies.

This guide is essential for anyone looking to keep up with the latest tax and business regulations. Featuring insights from in-country advisors across our global community, this guide helps to answer the most pressing questions when exploring overseas expansion.

Widely recognized within the professional services industry as the go-to guide for tax, it demonstrates how we at PKF can leverage our collective strength to increase opportunities for our clients.

It provides a clear and concise overview of tax regulations, enabling our clients to:

  • navigate the complexities of a country’s tax regulations;
  • make informed decisions about international opportunities and
  • explore tax implications when contemplating new markets.

Stefaan De Ceulaer, Head of PKF International’s Tax and Legal Support, commented, “Our Worldwide Tax Guide demonstrates what we can achieve as a global community when we concentrate our efforts. Over 270 individuals from the PKF network have shared insights into their local markets and tax landscape. I am incredibly grateful for their contributions.”

You can download this year’s guide free below.