Experiencing PKF GO at JLK Rosenberger

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JLK Rosenberger is a member of PKF International Limited, a family of legally independent accounting firms. Although all member firms are stand-alone, each shares the same commitment: to offer a high standard of partner-led services tailored to each client’s requirements and grounded in local expertise. At the same time, membership in the network enables the sharing of international knowledge, experience, and skills vital for clients who do business in more than one country. To continue to build on these strengths, PKF International has designed the PKF Global Opportunities (GO) Program for member firms’ staff to create opportunities to develop their business skills, apply them in different countries, and experience living in another country and culture. Temporary placements – known as secondments – represent one possibility among three to work at another PKF firm for a limited time.

Antonia Kempfer with her teammates at JLK Rosenberger's office in Glendale, California. The team members are all wearing JLK Rosenberger jackets. As I highly appreciate international expertise and valuable work experience in a U.S. firm, I embraced the opportunity to take up an international secondment working at another firm within the PKF network. JLK Rosenberger is hosting me, an Associate from the German firm PKF Fasselt, for a three-month secondment at their Glendale, California office. Although I had only been working for PKF Fasselt for one year, I received tremendous support from both firms in my preparation for the secondment.

During this time, I have gained insights into tax and audit as I experienced the U.S. busy season. I already had some skills and knew how to prepare tax returns, but this opportunity familiarized me with the U.S. system and allowed me to participate from day one. Thanks to my helpful colleagues, I extended my knowledge regarding U.S. GAAP accounting and learned the specialties of insurance companies, JLK Rosenberger’s main niche.

Due to my experience in ESG reporting at PKF Fasselt, I have shared my knowledge about the current status in Germany and Europe. In March, I virtually attended the Climate and Resiliency Task Force meeting at the NAIC’s National Spring Meeting and summarized the key priorities on JLK Rosenberger’s S.S.A.P Chat blog. It was inspiring to learn more about ESG reporting, its challenges in the U.S., and how it applies to insurance companies. This represents a valuable takeaway for me.

I am very grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience to live and work in Los Angeles. I am sure this secondment will promote my personal and professional development. Working with welcoming colleagues from different countries and backgrounds is an excellent chance to get to know other working cultures and broaden my horizons. A secondment represents a great learning experience, and I’m sure I’ll profit from my knowledge about U.S. GAAP and taxes.

Being part of this great team means a lot to me. During team lunches and events, I’ve had the chance to meet like-minded individuals from the PKF International network and connect with many colleagues. I have always been interested in foreign languages, and this experience has allowed me to improve my English skills and technical vocabulary.

Antonia is standing with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background during her travels as part of her secondment.Besides working at JLK Rosenberger, I’ve tried to make the most of my free time by playing sports, trying different cuisines, and traveling in California. I enjoy the perfect combination of living near the ocean and the mountains. My weekend trips to Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco were amazing, and there are still many places on my bucket list. Experiencing both a Lakers and Dodgers game were among my highlights! Thank you to my JLK Rosenberger colleagues for all the food and travel tips!

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