Michael Goni, CPA, CGMA, FLMI


“Michael finds challenge in addressing organizational and structural tasks, confronting those challenges with shared, common-sense solutions.”

Michael values organization and structure in work and in life. A self-professed “nut” about precision and order, he lives and breathes numbers, often poring over international demographics and economics on the weekends. He is an avid learner with a personal interest in war history. He regularly studies management and leadership, firmly believing that “the greatest investment is your people.” Michael enjoys the daily challenge of researching unknown answers for both clients and colleagues. Clients appreciate that Michael is adept at swiftly resolving technical problems. He is dependable and quick with turnaround. 

Areas of Expertise

Michael’s experience spans a number of areas, including management and direction of corporate accounting departments within various insurance groups. He has been involved in purchase GAAP transactions, statutory insurance mergers, system conversions, research and application of statutory and GAAP standards within the insurance arena, and extensive work with insurance regulators. Michael enjoys the training and teaching aspect that accompanies the management of accounting and audit personnel.

Membership & Professional Associations

More about Michael

During his 25 years on the inside of the financial, systems, and operations of insurance companies, he rose to CFO of a life and annuity insurance company that grew from $300M to $3 billion in 15 years. Twenty years ago, he brought his industry experience and insight to The Ewbank Group to build the insurance practice, which has now become part of JLK Rosenberger. His corporate experience includes working with several prominent insurance groups, including United Fidelity Life Insurance Company, Southland Life Insurance Company, Southwestern Life Insurance Company, and Life Insurance Company of the Southwest. His public accounting experience has found him concentrating on an array of coverages within the property and casualty sector and the life insurance industry.

Your superpower:
“I don’t sleep much; five hours a night is plenty. I wake up in the middle of the night and make lists.”

Favorite school supply:
“A yellow highlighter; I read a lot and highlight everything.”

Your heroes:
“Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln”

Advice for aspiring CPAs:
“Never stop to rest on your past laurels. Keep looking ahead and keep learning.”