Contagiously Calm Michael Soulema’s Secret to CPA Exam Success

Michael Soulema, CPA and runner
Michael Soulema competing in Ironman

In fall 2020, Michael’s resume came through JLKR’s website and immediately received attention. Not only because he had already passed all four parts of the CPA exam but also because of his passions and interests. The rumor that the new guy completed numerous Ironman triathlons and has previous acting experience spread around our Glendale office fairly quickly. People were wondering:

“Did he really pass all four parts of the CPA exam, or is this just some acting stunt?”

Well, now we know for sure. Michael has become a licensed CPA!

We are proud that here at JLKR, Michael got his first opportunity to dip his toes in public accounting waters. Fast forward two years, and he is swimming like a true Ironman. Not only that, but he is smiling while swimming. Have you ever tried that without filling your mouth with water? No problem for Mike. He says, “Alright!” and takes all challenges with his smile on.

When asked about his secret of completing all parts of the CPA exam, he shared that creating a detailed schedule and sticking to it every single day is what helped him cross the finish line of this daunting quadrathlon. He took one exam at a time and made sure to call his mom after each step taken.

Today, Michael’s colleagues appreciate his calm demeanor and type “yeah, yeah, yeah” personality. What is that? Mike has a gift of making people around him feel good and relaxed despite any busy circumstances.

We are very proud of Michael’s achievements and are excited to join in his celebration of success.