IRS Postpones Tax Deadline for California Storm Victims to November 16

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Image of California aqueduct with storm looming in background. Today, the IRS extended the tax filing and payment deadline for most taxpayers in 55 California counties to November 16, 2023. This applies to federal tax returns and payments originally due on April 18, 2022.

Eligible returns and payments include individual income taxes, IRA and HSA contributions, partnership and S-corp returns, payroll and excise taxes, and tax-exempt organization returns.

Taxpayers do not need to request this relief, as it is automatically provided if their address on record is in the declared disaster area. Those who relocated after filing may need to contact the IRS to get late penalties abated.

Affected taxpayers can choose to claim uninsured disaster-related losses on either their 2022 or 2023 tax return. They have up to 6 months after the original due date to make this election.

Disaster relief payments are generally excluded from gross income. Retirement account holders may be eligible for special disaster distributions or hardship withdrawals.

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