Jason Price, CPA


Jason navigates the complexities of income tax for high-net-worth individuals and the entities they establish.

Jason has built his career on making the world of taxes transparent for his clients while also providing steady guidance through the maze of tax regulations. He rejoined JLK Rosenberger after several years working in the tax practice of a Southern California law firm. This experience provided a wider lens on business through his high-net-worth clients, who often invested in the hotel and property management industries.

Areas of Expertise

Jason excels in helping high-net-worth clients and their business ventures navigate the intricate tax landscape. His ability to demystify tax documents ensures clients understand and feel confident in their financial decisions. Specializing in partnership and LLC taxation, Jason’s clients often find peace of mind in his straightforward and trustworthy approach.

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More About Jason

Futbol or Football?
“Both. I grew up playing soccer and football in college (kicker, of course). I enjoy watching both and playing fantasy football for the additional entertainment.”

Chocolate or Vanilla?
“Chocolate. What’s dessert without it!?”

Claim to Fame
“I’m proud of my 300-piece (and growing) Funko POP! collection, which displays as a memorial to some of my favorite movies and TV shows.”

Advice for Aspiring CPAs
“Embrace not knowing — it’s the first step to learning. Find the answer, but do not lose focus on the big picture and your client’s goals. Often, being a CPA is more about people than numbers.”

Jason received a Master of Accountancy from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Upper Iowa University.

Jason’s roots in accounting trace back to a humble cubicle beside the copiers at a small Iowa firm. Following a busy season internship, he was offered a permanent role, spending the next four years progressing from preparing individual tax returns to dealing with trusts and businesses. Jason moved to California to work at JLK Rosenberger, where he worked alongside multiple partners for five years. He temporarily departed from the firm to spend two years at a local law firm, enhancing his expertise in tax law and gaining a broader understanding of the commercial aspects of taxation. In 2023, Jason brought his expanded perspective and experience back to JLK Rosenberger.