Jenna Kramsky, SHRM-CP

People & Learning Manager

Jenna possesses a unique blend of empathy, strategic thinking, and a knack for creating inclusive and supportive work environments.

She is passionate about empowering employees through training and career development initiatives. Jenna thrives as she assesses organizational needs and translates them into impactful learning experiences, influencing individual growth and overall organizational success. Colleagues praise her personable, relatable nature that facilitates open communication.

Areas of Expertise

With a rich background in HR, Jenna excels in areas like training and development, performance management, and onboarding. Her expertise extends to developing and standardizing equitable foundational procedures, with a keen focus on mental health awareness. She understands unique employee needs and fosters an environment to support diverse learning styles.

Membership & Professional Associations

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • CPA Firm Management Association (CPAFMA)

More About Jenna

Before joining JLK Rosenberger, Jenna worked as the People Operations Manager, focusing on training and onboarding at a San Francisco-based SaaS startup. She earned this HR role after being promoted internally from a client account manager position where she worked with enterprise clients. Other previous roles included facility management, operations, and vendor management.

Jenna received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Least favorite phrase
“I can’t do this.” April thinks we should always try, even if help is needed. She says,  “We should never give up!”

Chocolate or vanilla
“Strawberry. I love the flavor of strawberry and will always go for a fruit option when it comes to dessert.”

Futbal or football
“I’m more of a theater gal, but if I had to choose one, I’d say futbol because of Ted Lasso.”

Your Superhero
“I consider myself a super empath. I can feel what others are feeling, understand the unspoken, and share in their emotions, though it sometimes has its drawbacks.”

Your Hidden Talent
“Drawing and painting are talents of mine. I rarely practice them, so it often surprises people when they find out.”

Your Hero
“My dad is my hero. He brought positivity and humor into my life and significantly influenced everyone he met. I aspire to emulate him.”