Matt Woodard, CPA


For Matt, the game can’t be won without team trust and client involvement.

Matt builds long-standing relationships with clients and coworkers, encouraging trust and problem-solving. His 14 years of public accounting experience combined with his fierce love of soccer and competition fuels him as he explores new client opportunities or takes on new business challenges. Though Matt has managed some of the firm’s largest and most complex clients, he will always make time to respond to his clients and provides them with the answers they need. Clients remain fully involved thanks to his emphasis on communication and wise use of technology.

Areas of Expertise

Since joining the firm in 2010, Matt has handled highly sophisticated companies in the insurance and real estate industries, both private and publicly-traded. He has proven himself invaluable in experience and leadership. At JLK Rosenberger, Matt has led teams working on consulting assignments and acquisition audits across the North American continent. He has played a big part in the firm’s Quality Control team, assisting with scheduling and internal inspection of work products and related files.

Membership & Professional Associations

More About Matt

Matt began his career with a national firm and moved to a regional firm where he spent eight years.

Your superpower
“I’m like glue; I look for commonalities rather than separation. I enjoy bringing people together.”

Least favorite phrase
“Too busy. It’s not a good excuse.”

Volunteer activities
“Coaching youth soccer; it rejuvenates me after being at my desk all week.”