Spilling the Beans on Mark Kuntzman, CPA

We’re spilling the beans on Mark Kuntzman, in our Dallas office.

A few facts you might not know about Mark:

  • Mark roasts his own coffee. Here are the details:
    • “I start by ordering premium green coffee beans from a distributor in Oakland. I like to keep 40 to 50 pounds of unroasted beans in stock since I also supply my daughter and her husband. Perhaps my favorite beans are from Africa, and a light to medium roast in my Behmor coffee roaster is my preference. I started roasting coffee in a Whirley-Pop popcorn popper on the side-burner of the outdoor grill. One morning while standing outside roasting in 17 degree weather, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I roast about a pound at a time so the coffee is always fresh and used within several days. At about 4:53 each morning, I grind the roasted whole coffee beans while heating my water to 205 degrees. Five minutes in the French press results in a near-perfect cup of black coffee every time. I’ve come a long way from years ago when I averaged 30 cups of Folgers daily, about three to five cups a day is sufficient now.”
  • Does Mark prefer futbal or football?
    • “Definitely football. I grew up in Irving during the early days of the Dallas Cowboys and remain a fan today.”
  • Does Mark drink Coke or Pepsi?
    • “Neither, good coffee, please.”
  • Is chocolate or vanilla best for Mark’s sweet tooth?
    • “Vanilla”
  • Mark’s least favorite word?
    • “Whatever”
  • What excites Mark about his work?
    • “The opportunity to mentor, coach, and train eager professionals.”